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Diabetic Foot Care in Phoenix, MD

Managing Diabetes and Foot Health

Individuals with diabetes face an increased risk of nerve damage, circulation issues, and infections, particularly affecting the feet. Poor diabetes management can result in diminished sensation and blood flow, creating an environment where minor injuries such as blisters or wounds can escalate into severe infections, potentially necessitating amputation. Nerve damage, known as neuropathy, can further exacerbate the situation by causing dry and cracked skin, providing an entry point for bacteria and fungi.

Preventive Measures

To mitigate diabetic complications, adopting proactive measures is paramount. Regular medical check-ups, coupled with exercise and a well-balanced diet, are essential. Additionally, diligent foot care is crucial, involving routine inspection and maintenance. Key steps in foot care include:

  • Regularly examining feet for signs of wounds, bruises, redness, blisters, ulcers, cuts, or scratches.
  • Thoroughly inspecting the soles of the feet and toes.
  • Cleansing feet with gentle soap and warm water, followed by moisturizing to maintain skin softness.
  • Regular trimming of toenails and management of corns and calluses.

Essential Diabetic Foot Care

Properly fitting footwear plays a pivotal role in preserving foot health, as ill-fitting shoes can contribute to issues such as corns, calluses, or hammer toe. Opting for walking shoes or athletic footwear that offer support and breathability is recommended for daily wear. Shoes made from materials like vinyl or plastic, as well as those with pointed toes or high heels, should be avoided. When necessary, diabetic shoes and custom inserts or casts are available.

In addition to footwear, attention to socks is vital. Clean, padded, and dry socks should be worn at all times, even when wearing shoes, to minimize the risk of blisters and sores. Walking barefoot is strongly discouraged, as it increases susceptibility to fungal and bacterial infections.

Managing Complications

Proper diabetes management and foot protection are crucial for preventing infection-related complications. Untreated infections pose the risk of foot loss, particularly in cases where gangrene develops and necessitates surgical intervention to remove affected tissues.

Diabetes demands vigilant management to prevent potentially life-threatening complications. For further guidance and information, please contact our office.

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