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What is Minimally Invasive Surgery?

It is surgery in which we make small puncture incision(s) to do the necessary corrections, in our case, in the feet/toes.  Depending on the incision site, we may insert a stitch or just tape up the small hole(s) with steri strip.

What surgeries can be done in the feet/toes utilizing MIS techniques?

Hammertoe corrections

Bunion corrections

Bone spurs

Plantar fasciotomy/Heel spur removal

Neuroma decompression surgery

Pros of MIS?

Less post-operative pain.  Most patients do not need opoids for pain relief after the surgery.

Minimal scarring.

No hardware issues.

Local anesthesia, therefore, no effects of general anesthesia or local sedation.

Lower costs.

Minimal surgical trauma.  Minimal bleeding.

Decrease chances of infections.