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Back to school shoe shopping for your child? Check out this video by the APMA to help you with your healthy shoe shopping decisions.

Obesity can be a vicious cycle when it comes to foot health. Weight gain can cause foot pain, but it is difficult to exercise and lose weight if your foot hurts. As the foot pain increases, so does your weight. And as your weight increases, so does your pain. We try to do our part to get you back on your feet so that your journey to weight loss will be easier with less agony.

Lately, I have seen many patients who have broken their toes many months or years ago and their toes are still swollen and painful. They all said the same thing, “but there is nothing you can do about it!” Well, I’m here to tell you that there is something that can be done and it starts with xrays. If the toe is in great position, then strapping it to the next larger toe can help allow for the fracture to heal. If there is a displaced fracture or dislocation of the joint, then we can likely put them back into place after numbing the toe to allow it to heal properly and prevent the long term pain and swelling. Of course, this only works on a freshly injured toe. Waiting a month after the incident maybe too late to treat conservatively.

Celebrity Foot News

Jerry Seinfeld has been gracious to his podiatrist who treated his plantar fasciitis pain that he had for many years.
Jerry Seinfeld Honors NYCPM Alumnus (.pdf)

Peyton Manning tore his plantar fasciitis. It is not the worse thing in the world when you tear your plantar fascia. If you have chronic plantar fasciitis that just would not heal despite all the treatments, then we usually would cut the plantar fascia anyhow. The difference between tearing it yourself vs having it cut in surgery is that tears can be very uneven and frayed, whereas a surgical cut is a clean cut. The plantar fascia fibers will eventually come together and heal, it is just preferable to heal in a stretched fashion. There maybe less scar tissue when it heals after a clean cut vs a tear.
Peyton Manning Denver Broncos (Link)

We get patients all the time that ask us, “do I have the ugliest feet you have ever seen?” If you feel bad having what you call are “ugly feet”, then maybe looking at these celebrities’ feet will make you feel a little better. They are viewed by many as beautiful people, but they will still show off their foot imperfections in public.
Ugliest Celebrity Feet You Won’t Believe (Link)

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